1. Define

We conduct competitor analysis, use mobile and web analytics to assess user behavior and preferences, create and guide you through persona exercises. Our deliverable are:

·         Business Requirements Specifications

·         Creative Brief

·         Content Analysis

·         Technical Blueprint

2. Design

We create wireframe. We refine it together. Then, we make your Apps beautiful. This is where you learn that almost everything is possible, but not everything is feasible.


·         Wireframes

·         Test Strategy

·         Information Architecture

·         Content Specification

·         Solution Architecture

·         Prototype

3. Develop

After initial proposal, research and concept drawing, it’s time to talk development. Key deliverable’s are:

·         Functional Test Cases

·         Technical Specification

·         Development Plan

·         Unit test cases

·         Mobile and Server application Development

4. Test

Watch. Listen. Record. Testing methodology includes combination of browsers & devices. Key deliverable’s are:

·         Functional Testing

·         User Acceptance testing

Test Summary Report

5. Deploy

App deployment strategy  involves publishing and launching the app. key deliverable’s are:

·         Launch Activities

·         Deployment Package

·         Publication