Mobile cloud computing is a new platform which combines the mobile devices and cloud computing to create a new infrastructure, where cloud performs the heavy lifting of computing-intensive tasks and storing massive amounts of data. We have our virtue and talents in Mobile cloud computing by creating solutions in PHP, JAVA, ASP. NET, RUBY ON RAILS, HTML5, CSS3, hypervisor for mobile devices, cloudlets and Web 4.0.

Mobile App cloud hosting services:experience scalability and high performance server for your mobile apps

In addition to creating world class mobile apps, we host and manage the entire application lifecycle and back it up with High performance API infrastructure. Cloud is for Scale. Get your mobile application up and running on a platform that you choose. Build a reliable, high speed yet highly secure backend on enterprise, private or hybrid cloud for highly competent mobile applications.

·         Get high end risk-mitigation for your mobile application and stay protected against DDoS attacks and any other threats

  1. Avoid extra cost. Our proven Pay-per-use technology helps you save considerably, as you pay only for the resources you actually use

2. Manage dramatically increasing app usage on our massively scalable cloud, rapidly. Cleverly written APIs scale up your app performance, so that your business always stays up in the impulsive mobile world

3. A quick deploy, an instant upgrade and an endless monitoring is what your app gets with our Mobile App Hosting Service.

4. We Support in setting up Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Remote mobile app database hosting support for performance tuning and memory optimization.