A comprehensive mobile app testing process gives customers the confidence that the app will function as intended on different devices with varying screen sizes, resolutions, internal hardware, operating systems and across telecom operator networks. A typical end-to-end mobile testing process, starts from creating test cases of the application, performing user acceptance and finally device testing stage. Our in-house mobility lab is a one-stop shop for worldwide mobile app testing. Reduce the challenges of testing your mobile app with our line-up of application testing strategies

  1. End To End Quality Assurance for Native, Hybrid & Mobile Web Applications.

2. Usability testing: Verify that your app performs the way users need it to and think it should.

3. Functional testing: Confirm the app works easily in real people’s hands.

4. Localization testing: Ensure your app is culturally appropriate around the globe.

5. Load testing: Validate that your app works no matter what.

6. Test automation: Sustain quality throughout the dev process.

7. Security Testing for Data Protection, File permission & Injections.