Nimble and Agile CRM apps for the Future

CRM systems, the erstwhile digital Rolodex, are dying away; a drastic shift in CRM systems is underway. No system left standing exists without integration with other services such as a website, a messenger platform, or a social network.

The next transformation of integrated CRM mobile apps has begun. Many popular communication services are not only integrating with these apps but are starting to create the same capabilities previously associated with CRMs.

Email as CRM

According to Gartner, small CRM apps are taking away significant market share from the Big CRM (Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft). Experts partially explain this loss by the lack of integration, especially with services popular with SMBs.

What makes this approach appealing is that it combines the broad adoption of Gmail with the business management capabilities of CRMs. hundreds of small companies have already moved their business management processes and client databases to Gmail.

Collaboration tools as a CRM

With nearly 5 million active users, Slack is becoming a preferred tool for team communications. It’s also turning into a front end for their CRM data management. Multiple CRM vendors have created tools by integrating Slack bots to display critical sales data as chat messages.

Instead of creating a full new CRM into Slack, some CRM vendors like Zoho integrate their functionality inside Slack. This makes it possible to get status and deal updates in Slack, request customer data, or generate sales reports without opening their respective CRM systems.

Sharing the important CRM data via Slack is a new way of improving visibility between sales, marketing, product, and support departments. Slack enthusiasts are trying to use it for customer support and the instant CRM data might become valuable.

Social Networks as a CRM

Social networks have quickly turned into a platform for ads and leads. It’s common for CRM systems to provide some form of integration with Facebook and Twitter from a profile link in a system to data capturing.

Future of CRM: What lies Ahead

Most CRM users are turning to new enterprises apps that have outside the box functionalities. They might not replace the traditional systems for everyone, but for the companies dedicated to a single channel of communication, this might become a better alternative.